Mulvaney: Trump won’t ‘weaponize’ shutdown like Obama team did


White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney tried Sunday to calm Americans’ fears about the government shutdown, vowing those going to work Monday won’t see a “dramatic difference” because President Trump isn’t trying to “weaponize” the situation like the Obama administration did in 2013.

The effects won’t actually be as visible as they were as in 2013,” Mulvaney told “Fox News Sunday.” “Keep in mind that in 2013, the only way I can describe it, was the Obama administration chose to weaponize the shutdown. They wanted it to be showy. They went out of their way to hurt more people and to be more visible.”

Mulvaney argued the former administration put barricades in front of the WWII memorial, on the National Mall, arguably to keep out military veterans and to try to put the blame on Republicans.

The most recent shutdown started overnight Friday, after the GOP-controlled Senate failed to pass a temporary spending bill to give the government the money needed to stay fully operational.

The GOP-controlled House passed its spending bill because it had enough Republican members and didn’t need Democrats’ support.

However, the bill stalled in the Senate because Republicans needed votes from at least nine Democrats to advance the bill.

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